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What are common sewer line issues?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

There are 4 common sewer line issues that occur:

1) Root intrusion. Roots from nearby trees or shrubs find tiny cracks in the main line and force their way in. This intrusion can not only crack the line but can also block the passageway for sewage to pass through.

2) Cracks in the line. The natural aging process of pipes as well as things like a shift in soil, increased ground traffic or the freeze-thaw cycle, can all lead to the cracking, corrosion, or misalignment of pipes over time. Ultimately, this can result in breakage, leaks or collapse of the line.

3) Blockage from debris/oil. Pouring oil, grease, or fat down the drain can cause build up, which can create a blockage. Flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet can quickly and easily cause blockages and build-up in your sewer line.

4) Bellied Line. This occurs when a portion of the pipe has sunk because of ground or soil conditions. Once this happens, waste will begin to get stuck in this sagging point in the line, causing a blockage in the line.

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