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Sewer Inspections
for Home Buyers

While home inspections are always performed before a real estate transaction, often times one of the most important inspections are overlooked; a sewer inspection. This is because although highly recommended, a sewer inspection isn't actually required by law.  Without it being a requirement, many homebuyer's may not know the importance of getting the inspection done. Since the sewer line is underground and therefore, "out of sight, out of mind", it isn't always given proper attention. Whatever the reason, a sewer inspection could be the difference between joyful new home owner's, and home owner's that were greeted by an unpleasant surprise. 












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There's multiple reasons why inspecting the main sewer line in a home your considering buying is critical. When your main sewer line is damaged, broken, clogged, or a variety of other issues that could be happening, the result can be troublesome, to say the least. Waste water will not be able to properly drain from your home, causing messy back ups. If the damaged or clogged sewer line leads to needing a full sewer replacement, it can be an extremely costly project.

While it is especially important to have a sewer inspection done on older homes, any home poses a risk of having a run down sewer line. There's no other way to tell how the sewer line was treated by it's previous owner (e.g. excess grease, wipes, clogging materials). Root intrusion is also the most common culprit in damaging sewer lines. Trees, shrubs, and plant roots can break into your main sewer line, causing damages, offsets and clogging. 

What do I get with a Sewer Inspection?

With a sewer inspection you have the ability to see the inside of your underground sewer main with a camera. This reveals the condition of the sewer line and if any clogging, offsets, obstructions, tree roots, etc are present.  It will also reveal what material was used to make up the sewer line, and if the material will likely hold up. True Trenchless provides a narrated video of the camera going through the line, describing any of these issues that may be present. This way, as the buyer, you know exactly what the sewer inspector is referring to. This knowledge empowers the purchaser to either negotiate repair costs with the seller before putting in an offer, or make an informed decision. 


Getting the sewer camera inspection done before purchasing a home not only provides peace of mind but could potentially save you thousands. We want your home buying process to go as smoothly as possible, so call to schedule your sewer inspection today and receive your report within 24 hours!

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