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Sewer Scopes: The Step No Home Buyer Should Skip!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Way too often have we received calls from someone who just bought and moved into their home, when all of a sudden, toilets won't flush or their basement is backed-up and flooded due to a damaged main sewer line. This type of situation is not fun for any homeowner. It especially stinks when you thought you just bought your dream home and are now dealing with unpleasant sewage issues. On top of it all, these types of repairs and replacements can be a costly investment. Oftentimes, it's one new homeowners just didn't budget for. That's why we always suggest checking out your sewer line before you purchase your home!

Just like a general inspection, a sewer inspection should be part of buyers' due diligence before every purchase. A general inspection tells you the condition of many things in a home. However, it does not cover what's happening in places you can't see---like in your sewer line. With a sewer scope, a specialist will come to your soon-to-be home and scope the sewer line with a camera. This will give you a clear picture of what condition your sewer line is in. If you are present at the appointment, they will show you the monitor, pointing out if there are any irregularities. If you can't be there, it will all be sent to you in a narrated video within 24 hours of the inspection.

So, what happens if your sewer line is in bad condition? By finding out before you buy, you now have the power to negotiate. You also have the possibility to get it taken care of before moving into your new home. What if there are no issues and everything looks good? You are now given the peace of mind every buyer should have before making their big purchase!

Buying a home is a milestone! It's an extremely exciting but at times stressful process. By scheduling a sewer inspection before you buy, you can take away some of that stress by knowing exactly what you are getting with your purchase and avoid any unexpected surprises. So rather than thinking about sewage replacements you can focus on the important stuff---like soaking in your new tub, figuring out where to hang your family photos, or hosting dinner in your beautiful new kitchen. That's what buying a home should be all about.

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