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Why is it important to get a sewer inspection done?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

A sewer inspection is the only way to see the condition of your sewer line. By scoping the line with a camera, we are able to see:

- Whether there are any blockages or root intrusion present

- Any cracks, bellies, or offsets in the line

- The material of the line and whether it is likely to hold up

This information is invaluable to homeowners, buyers, and sellers because it gives you information that can not be seen through a general walk through of a home. For buyers, it can offer peace of mind or the power to negotiate before you buy. For sellers, it gives you more information as to the worth of your home and if this is something you will need to take care of prior to selling. For homeowners, it will alert you as to whether there is an issue with your system. The sooner you are able to catch the issue, the better. It may mean you can avoid a full replacement and just do a repair or take other preventative measures.

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